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Ok, this may be confusing but...

I have like 5 different portfolios, I tried to condense all of the links on this one page, sorry, but I hope to see you back here after each one

about me


21  | Salt Lake City, UT

From Brendon, A 21 year-old Graphic Designer, Designer, Photographer, Editor, Artist and Creative based in SLC.

Currently one of the lead designers for Playmaker HQ. Creative director and owner of Sunny Ivy, and overall art enthusiast.

I started designing at a young age of 13, I fell in love with sports specifically basketball, and I tapped into the idea of being a creative in sports. I landed my first big role at 15 with a freelance opportunity with the New York Knicks. During that time I was also interning and working on multiple projects with clients such as Utah Valley University, "Finish Line", and "Best Celebrations". I continued to work in sports media and design for another 3 or so years. (full client list below or in the client section). I took a step back to work on personal projects, one of which is my baby, "SunnyIvy", a project I still pour my heart into today. I did that in the last two years of high school. Then went on to continue my path and explore other forms of work. After graduation, I started interning for Daniel D'artiste and Jaden Smith, under the project Transitions. And now currently one of the lead designers for Playmaker HQ. I love enjoying time with friends and family. Continuously a huge Jazz and basketball fan. I enjoy music, collecting vinyls, and concerts. I am currently on a leave of absence at the University of Utah, to focus on work. Please contact for work! (more info below)

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